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EVS Finale Training Videos - $39.95, $69.95
Trainingh CD ROM's - $79.95
Self-paced tutorials for beginning, intermediate, and power-user levels.

    EVS/Effective Video Solutions
    4139 Gardendale
    San Antonio, TX 78229
    (210)614-0577 - Fax

Finale and Jazz Arranging - $34.95
David Metzger's book is for any jazz arrangers. Tips on how to use Finale in group settings.

    EVS/Effective Video Solutions
    4139 Gardendale
    San Antonio, TX 78229
    (210)614-0577 - Fax

Mastering Finale
Course - $79.95...Workbook - $34.95...Video - $49.95
This course, developed by Dr. John W. Flohr, explains Finale with coherent easy-to-follow instructions. (For Macintosh Only)

    Maestro Graphics, Inc.
    11311 Park Central Place
    Dallas, TX 75230

Finale (Dutch Tutorial)
This localized tutorial is essentially Volume 1. It covers the basics and is easy to understand and follow.

    KB Software and Systems BV
    Transportweb 48
    3371 MB
    The Netherlands
    (31)18-461-1032 - Fax

Finale Guida Practica (Italian Tutorial)
The Guida Practica is a Finale practical guide distributed by MIDI Music. They also offer their own translation of Volume I of the Finale Manual.

    MIDI Music
    Corso Enrico de Nicola 8
    10128 Torino
    (30)11-318-6959 - Fax

Smilin Music's Finale Tutorial

Tutorials, Videos, Courses | Fonts | Books | Miscellaneous

Sicilian Numerals (figured bass and Roman numerals), Ghent Percussion Font Set (2 fonts), and Rehearsal Font Set (3 fonts). Downloadable demos and online purchase available.

Finale Font Solutions
By Ansgar Krause.
  • Figured Bass (Standard and struck-through numbers, accidentals, brackets ...)
  • GuitarTools (For guitar fretboard pictures of your choice and more)
  • SmartTools (Ornaments, glisses, quartertone-accidentals, accidentals with brackets of different shape [standard, non-symmetric, square], pianopedal-graph and much more ...)
  • Lyrics (Improvements for Finale®-users)
  • TextTools [only Macintosh®] TrueType, Type1 and Type3-version NEW (all features of FinalLyrics, plus mixed entry of text with dynamics, accidentals, note values incl. beams, tuplets, octave indicators; if used as type3font optional a unique new feature: the background (e.g. barlines) can be hidden!

Golden Age - $79.95
A font that makes your music look handwritten.

    Donald Rice Music Preparation
    P.O. Box 110838
    Brooklyn, NY 11211

Grace Notes and Crescendo - $58.45
Fonts that give another look to basic notation symbols. They also
provide more percussion, Harp pedal markings, and Gregorian Chant symbols.

    Casady and Greene, Inc.
    22734 Portola Drive
    Salinas, CA 92908-1119
    (408)484-9218 - Fax

By Paul A. McKlveen
Handbell specific fonts for Finale users.

Jazz Font - $49.95-$79.95
By Sigler Music Fonts
JazzFont™ is a collection of fonts for use with computer notation software, such as Finale® and Cakewalk® Overture™, and is designed to look like hand-written manuscript. It's a great alternative to music fonts that look too "computerized".

By Barry Ware
NameThatChord! enables you to write any and every possible chord name with proper looking symbols that enhance your music.
With FretFinder you can custom-write any arrangement for any chord anywhere on the fingerboard and include the chord name.

Sonata - $69
The first music font, and favorite of computer copyists.
This one has fewer symbols but remains a favorite because of
its classic look.

    Adobe System Incorporated
    P.O. Box 6458
    Salinas, CA 93912-6458

Toccata and Fughetta

Metronome and MetTimes - $24.95
A music font that works like a text font. A collection of
number sets and built-in music characters combined with
MetTimes lets you mix text with markings and music symbols without
changing fonts.

    DVM Publications
    P.O. Box 399
    Thorofare, NJ 08086

Tutorials, Videos, Courses | Fonts | Books | Miscellaneous

Art Music 3.2 - $20
Translates EPS files created by Finale and Finale Allegro
into Adobe Illustrator format.

    Two Bits Worth
    778 Hague Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55104

Chord Symbol Suffixes for Finale

Prize DFL 40
Developed by Davo van Peursen and used for all the music of Donemus, a famous Dutch publishing house of Dutch contemporary (classical) music. Available 5 mathematical allotments to open as a library in Finale. For Mac and Windows, with small booklet with explanation.

    KBS Systems
    Transporstweg 48
    3371 MB Hardinxveld-Giessendam
    The Netherlands
    Phone: 31-1846-11341
    Fax: 31-1846-11032

Fintool 97 - $19.95
Fintool 98 - $29.95

Chords Converter Beta 0.5
Developed by Jan Angermüller
Converts the chord symbols from a Band-in-a-Box file into the Finale 97 format.
Chord Converter -

Misc. Plugins
Developed by Tobias Giesen

Plugins -

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