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Re: Emergency

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Title: Re: EmergencyIn Reply To
Posted By: Harald SchollmeyerTitle: Emergency
E-mail: hschollm@folkwang.uni-essen.dePosted By: Felipe Copaja
Date: 04/03/1999 at 04:35:55Date: 04/01/1999


what about document options/line thickness: has it changed, too?
Are you sure you checked all relevant fonts, e.g. a special
notehead font for your staves (under "staff attributes")?
Perhaps you can copy and paste your music to a new file: does this
has any effect? ...just a few thoughts...

Greetings, Harald

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  • Emergency - Felipe Copaja - 04/01/1999
    • Re: Emergency - Harald Schollmeyer - 04/03/1999   <<< You Are Here

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