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    Welcome to the Finale Forum!
    As you'll notice we have moved over to a new board system. Unforunately, we were not able to import the old messages so we will keep the old messages for archive purposes only. You can search those archives here. Please register and use our new forums by clicking here.

    Finale Discussion!
    The Finale Forum has been in existence for nearly 10 years. Finale users from all over the world come here to discuss Finale. If you have a question you've found the place to ask it. check out the Forums now.

    Get Finale Power!
    Are you looking for a good reference book for Finale? Want to dig deeper into one of the best music notation software programs available? Check out this fantastic Finale book, Finale Power. We've seen so many people order this book through us in the last year. It's only around $20 and it's worth it. Check it out! For more Finale related books check out the Book Store.

    Finale 2009
    Another version of Finale out. This one has linked parts...finally.! If we can only get them to make their software backwards compatible we'd have something. Check it out!

    Buy Sheet Music
    Want to buy sheet music, songbooks or guitar tabs? Try the Finale Forum's Sheet Music Store. The sheet music database has over a quarter million titles to choose from, and you can order online.

    Finale Forum Bookstore
    In association with, the Finale Forum Book Store is the best place to purchase Finale and other Music Notation related books. Visit the Bookstore today!

    Engravers Database
    Looking for a Music Engraver? Have a project that requires Music Notation? You've come to the right place. has a list of music engravers all over the world. Search our database and find the right company for you. It's fast and simple!

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