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Resize page

Postby Jim Rasmussen » Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:07 pm

I am working with a Finale 2000 orchestral score. Resize page does not work on some pages in the middle of the document, though it works on the first 7 pages and on the last few. How can I solve this problem?

Jim Rasmussen
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Re: Resize page

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Resize page

Postby Peter Thomsen » Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:13 pm

You have posted your question in the sub-forum for Forum Feedback (about the functionality of this forum).
Your post will get more attention in e. g. the sub-forum General Questions.

I don't know why the Resize Tool doesn't work on some pages in the middle of your document.
Perhaps some sort of file corruption?

A few things to try:

1) Update Layout.
If you Update Layout from Scroll View, the layout will be updated in the entire document.

2) Run the File Maintenance.
(I'm not sure, but I think that in Finale 2000 the command File Maintenance is located in Options menu > Data Check > File Maintenance...).

3) Redefine Pages.
The sub-menu Redefine Pages is in the Page Layout menu (I think).

Redefine Pages will re-format the pages according to your settings in
Options menu > Page Format > Score...
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