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Post by Dlevy892545765 » Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:22 am

I have been a faithful user on and off of Finale for Mac and Windows for almost 15 years and I was curious/inquisitive about the recent installment of Garritan Virtual instruments. The last version of Finale that I purchased was 2012; the version of which I was introduced to these instruments but the studio is completely beyond my skill set; I’ve used Garage band, Fruity Loops, etc. However this program, I would need help. I’m desperate too get results for most if not all of the music I have been involved with in Finale. Was there ever such a way for individuals to submit there scores for analysis and professional recordings of their own compositions? This way they can have something for themselves after having used the program for years. For sometime now, I have also tried to contact Garritan or Finale about this. Is there a way to input music files/data through the program in order to produce professional virtual recordings?? I’m concerned for myself, my well being and for all projects that I have put together using Finale. I have searched and tried to understand Garritan instruments but it’s to complex for me to understand.

Will there be opportunities in the future also for submissions of music works for Garritan to process as a project(imputing files through like a lie detector test graph to see what edits can be made to make the music sound more professional as some of the recordings I heard on SoundCloud)? Will it be a paying process online? I’m interested I n how individuals can use a program like Garritan Virtual instruments. Granted, I’ve tried to use the program within Finale through tutorials but now there is a whole program separate from Finale and it’s difficult. Would there be piece of mind that my compositions would be taken good care of through a program like Garritan? A lot of my compositions are too “all over the place,” so to speak, for wind orchestras and bands that I have performed in and performed around during my middle school, high school and even college experiences. I am a California State University, Fullerton graduate with a degree in Music Education Any information that anyone can give is much appreciated and the time put into explaining how this program is used is also appreciated. I hope for “good” quality sounds for previous compositions that I have done and the ability to give feedback on results of those compositions in order to help others like myself to love their music creations ✅

I currently reside in Albuquerque NM now and wanted to know if there will also soon be any stores available here that sell your merchandise. I have moved here from California where music programs like these seem to be more accessible. Thank you so much for your time!

Daniel LaRon Levy

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Post by davidjoseph » Wed Feb 22, 2023 2:30 am

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