Troubles with Garritan

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Troubles with Garritan

Post by Slavicek » Sun Jun 17, 2007 1:22 am

I use Finale 2007 with GPO included. Sometimes when I write melodies for woodwind, let say clarinet, the last note kind of disappears. I'm aware that GPO tries to imitate human play (that's why is called human playback after all), but it goes to decresendo too much for my taste. I lose the last, or even two last notes. Can anyone help me with this one? Is there any way to avoid this "sound effect"? Or maybe I do something wrong?


Re: Troubles with Garritan

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Post by MichaelTrumpetPlayer » Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:49 pm

That was interesting?

I didn't understand the reply but I confirm having the same problem as the orignal message. I very much also would like to know how to eliminate the annoying drastic fade out on the last long note in a piece using Garritan Personal Orchestra and Finale so-called "Human playback."

Warren Barnett
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Post by Warren Barnett » Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:02 am

Go to Playback Settings (Speaker icon beside the tempo indicator in the Playback Control area), click on HP Preferences, then click on "Dynamics & Volume". Uncheck the box beside "Automatic Diminuendo on Long Ending Notes".

I am not sure why that is the default setting, but people would probably never turn it on if the default was off. It makes sense on slow delicate music, but it seems counter-expected for other types of music.

Two more things that I recommend that you change are in the Tempo Variation area of HP preferences. I turn off "Ritardando before" fermatas, and turn on "Don't Randomize (Exact Timing)" in the tempo area. If you don't turn on "Exact Timimg", then Finale inserts a stretch in the first count of the bar. It is not too bad under some circumstances, but if you have running 8th notes, or worse, running 16ths, then that stretch is painful to my brain as a percussionist.

Back in the "Dynamics & Volume" area, you may want to play with the Hairpin Emphasis and the Automatic Expession Emphasis in order to get the dynamics to work to your satisfaction. Depending upon the instruments that you use, the default settings may not be optimal for you.

I do wish that Finale would add a section to the manual explaining all the nuances of Human Playback. Something for the wishlist, but I think I have requested it before.


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