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PrintMusic 2014 won't run if Reaper is already running

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:27 pm
by JMcLay
Finale PrintMusic 2014a.v855
Windows 7
CMedia 8768 audio card
CMedia XEAR drivers

Hi All,

I have used Reaper DAW for years with SongWriter 2012 without a hitch. Reaper picks up the Songwriter lines as audio output.

A few weeks ago, SongWriter 2012 started complaining about missing font annotation files and Makemusic Support said I had to upgrade to PrintMusic 2014.
Now, if Reaper is running, PrintMusic says it cannot start its "audio engine".
If Printmusic is started first, and then Reaper, Reaper says its audio device is closed.

Back to SongWriter, not a problem.
Except the complaining.
Any ideas?

Re: PrintMusic 2014 won't run if Reaper is already running

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:30 pm
by fritzm
I'm not having this problem; I have the same combination, PrintMusic 2014 and Reaper but I can start up PrintMusic fine when Reaper is running. The other way round, if PM is open and I start up Reaper, then I get a complaint from Reaper about not being able to access the ASIO device.

Could you explain what you mean by Reaper picking up the Songwriter lines as input ? Were you playing SW out through Reaper ? That's not something I've tried; I export a MIDI file from PM, import it into Reaper and then edit it and play back using Reaper. I'm using the free sfz player VST in Reaper with the PrintMusic soundfont file so that the output sound is identical to what I would get out of PM (except that I can add other plugins to modify the sound) but with all the Reaper controls. This means that I don't need to have PM and Reaper running simultaneously.