Please help make my piano score more professional

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Please help make my piano score more professional

Post by aboxcar » Tue Dec 08, 2020 3:59 am

I want to make my music look as professional as I can. I want to enter a California MTAC competition next January (this being one piece in the suite).

I set the page size in finale to 9x12, with .75" side margins, and .5 top and bottom. The Microsoft print to PDF didn't support this page size though. So don't mind that. ... sp=sharing

1) I used tenutos to indicate the main melody. Could I improve this usage, or improve the placement of the tenutos?

In measure 15, the tie of the "e" is crossing over the stems. Is there a way to make that look better?

In measure 4, do I need a rest in beat one for the voice with the quarter notes. Is there a better way to notate my intention, since it's for piano (instead of divisi choir)

Measure 31, do I need rests for the secondary voices? Is there a better way to notate my intention.

I originally wrote this piece in 4/4 with eighth notes in the first section, and in measure 33 switched to 6/4. I changed it to 2/2 and 3/2 because I thought quarter notes looked neater in the beginning. Is 4/4 and 6/4 better?

Measure 33, I see the rests I should've hidden. I'm not sure how best to do the note durations. some of the voices work better with dotted halves (such as the top voice), but it violates the principle of not having a note go through the middle of the measure, and it also doesn't match the time signature. But if I use a bunch of ties, it makes it harder to read. Do I have any artistic/composer's license here? Originally this was an 8 part choir. I already tried to condense the parts to make it neater in two staves.

Measure 42, 47, etc.. Again I'm having issues clarifying that the melody is in the inner notes. How do I make this look the most professional?

Appreciate any other tips on other things too.

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