New music files available for download.

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New music files available for download.

Post by oseely » Tue Jul 13, 2021 5:15 pm

It is years since I last posted anything. The link to my (Mostly) Clarinet Music Page has changed (shown below) because my university put me on a www2 server instead of a www server.

I have recently added to my clarinet music web page two full orchestrations to what were originally piano reductions, both in Finale 3.7 and universal Type 1 MIDI formats:

Backofen, Johann Georg Heinrich, Concertante, Opus 10, for two Clarinets in A and orchestra, with embedded piano part.

The "examination copy" of the score which I received by e-mail was so badly pixelated that I needed to embed the piano part so as easily to be able to verify notes, accidentals and dynamic markings otherwise unverifiable, as I added accompanying instruments. It is a lovely piece to play.

Tausch, Franz Wilhelm (1762-1817)
Concerto in Eb Major for Bb clarinet and full orchestra.

My web page address for you newcomers is

There are also a number of other additions which I put up there since I last posted on the FINALE discussion group, but I can't remember what they are. Browse at your leisure.

Happy playing, all!


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