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Tenor Guitar

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:16 am
by Linseone
Hi. I think I posted this in the wrong place previously, sorry, new to the site. I play the uke (GCEA tuning) and read online in various places that a tenor guitar can be played using that tuning as well. I ordered and received a Martin LXM Tenor guitar, tried to tune it to GCEA with the strings that came on it and it sounds like crap. I am guessing I need different strings, but I don't want nylon ones like my uke has. I called Martin several times and they are of no help. I can't be the only uke player to want to expand and include tenor guitar, and although I have found many articles online that mention it can be tuned GCEA, I can find no where that tells me HOW to do it or what strings I may need. The whole point of me buying a tenor guitar was for me to have tuning I'm already accustomed to. Any ideas please? Thank you.

Re: Tenor Guitar

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:07 pm
by miker
A quick Google search shows a number of ways to tune it, but says nothing about which strings are best.

This article makes a suggestion but you might have to play around to find what works in your tuning.