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Pre-Bend in TAB

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Pre-Bend in TAB

Postby mascis2000 » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:39 pm

How do you write a pre bend in guitar TAB with the arrow pointing straight up?

For the life of me I cannot figure this out...

I'm on a mac using Finale 26.

Thanks in advance for any responses
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Re: Pre-Bend in TAB

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Re: Pre-Bend in TAB

Postby Djard » Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:38 pm

Maybe you can find something useful in the steps below that I use in Windows.


1. Guitar Bend Tool -> SmartShape (upper text menu) -> Smart Shape Options.
2. From Smart Lines drop-down menu, choose "Guitar Bend" -> Select -> scroll down the list of lines in Custom Line list that will open and select a line with an arrowhead pointing to the right -> Select -> OK.
3. Now click double-click on a note.

NOTE: If the next note is higher, the curved line will be drawn pointing up; if the next note is lower, the line will point down. The interval between the two notes will be automatically included.

You may also click on first note and hold down mouse button -> drag to second note and release mouse button.

4. Use Expression tool to add "Piegare" (to fold or bend) above the graphic indication.


1. Guitar Bend Tool (Smart Shape Palette) -> double-click on first note.
2. Click on (middle) handle. End handles will appear.
4. Drag handles to modify the line shape if desired.
5. Double-click on next note, the one to which the arrow from the first note points. The return bend will be automatically inserted.

NOTE: If the note for the return bend is tied, simply drag the shape by its handles to the target note.


If playback is not required, you may draw guitar bends with the Slur Tool, optionally adding arrowheads.
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