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First few beats silent with count-in

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First few beats silent with count-in

Postby wrd2255 » Thu Oct 25, 2018 2:57 pm

Hi folks.
I'm using Windows version 2012c.r13. Windows 10 64-bit on a very powerful PC.
I routinely import MIDI into Finale to make jazz playalong scores. I usually put in a set of repeats and have it play at least 8 times. I make certain the source starts on beat 1. I add a 1-2 bar count-in using Click and Countoff -> Countoff while playing. This works correctly sometimes. But in other cases, the countoff sounds but then the first few beats are silent. Once it sounds, it continues to play correctly on each repeat. It just leaves out the first few beats, which is problematic. If I disable the countoff, the sometimes-missing notes sound correctly. This happens whether I use the default Finale click or a MIDI note. Generally, I like this version a lot, except for this one quirk. Any ideas? thanks
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Re: First few beats silent with count-in

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