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Printer driver for booklet making

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Printer driver for booklet making

Postby Hector Pascal » Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:41 am

Hi all,

Today, I made a score and selected Concert (9in x12in) for the page size in the Setup Wizard.

My plan is to use wiggy's excellent booklet maker in my Print menu to create the PDF that can then be duplex printed at a print shop onto 18x12 paper, folded, stapled, bingo.

Do I need to download a "pretend" printer driver to cope with the specified page size? When I go Print>PDF or Print>PDF>Make, I get a Invalid Page Size error, maybe because my home printers/drivers are only for A4?

I recall wiggy mentioned something about CUPS? Maybe that's what I need? I did try exporting the pages to PDF via the graphic tool and got no nasty warning messages, but the graphic export route doesn't impose the booklet pagination for me.

Any advice muchly appreciated!
Edit: PS: Further research suggests that if I find a printer driver for a printer that can handle up to 18x12, then I could add that "printer" to my collection, even though i wouldn't have it connected physically. Then I understand that the pdf creation would work ok, apparently.
Hector Pascal
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Re: Printer driver for booklet making

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