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Expression categories/tempo marks

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Expression categories/tempo marks

Postby brent3544 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 6:57 pm

I am evaluating Finale v26 on Win 7 PC. I have run 2014.5 successfully for many years but now considering change to v26. Some problems with expressions in v26 ...

(1) Expression categories (in the frame on left side of expression selection dialog box) are in an inconvenient order. Starting at the top of the category list I want "all" ten "dynamics" then "tempo" etc. Now it starts with "All" then "Miscellaneous", etc. How do I re-order the categories in that frame to get the most used ones at the top?

(2) All the expression metatools (dynamics, misc, technique text, etc), seem to work OK except tempo marks. When I select expressions tool, then click on a measure to open the selection box, then double click (or click then OK) to select a tempo mark, nothing appears on the score/part AND the and the tempo is not observed in playback. This happens for library expressions ("Adagio") as well as expressions I have defined myself ("quarter note = 78") . I can force the playback to the desired value using he tempo box, but I need for the expression selection tool to work on playback, and I need for the mark to appear in the score.

(3) I want to set the default expression category to DYNAMICS. In other word, that's the category I want to normally see when the expression selection box opens.

Thanks for any help
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Re: Expression categories/tempo marks

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Re: Expression categories/tempo marks

Postby motet » Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:06 pm

Unless they've changed something, when you double click with the expression tool, it opens in which ever category you were in last. If you're not already, you might want to get used to using the metatools; then you need to hunt down categories less often. I don't know of any way to reorder the categories, alas.

Are you looking at one of your old files, or a new document? Something is seriously wrong if your tempo marks aren't being assigned.
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