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Entering nested tuplets - nightmares in Finale 25...

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Entering nested tuplets - nightmares in Finale 25...

Postby bhuether » Sat Jan 26, 2019 2:01 pm

Hi, I am trying to enter some nested tuplets. As an example, just a simple 3 quarter note triplets and then taking the middle quarter note and breaking it into 3 8th note triplet. So you would have / --- / where / means qtr note triplet and --- means 3 8th note triplets.

I came across this thread

Ok, nevermind, the forum says I can't post urls!

and am trying to follow the steps using the tuplet tool from main palette, but anytime I enter quarter note then click tuplet tool and click the note, with 3 qtr in space of 2 being shown in the tool, the result is only 2 quarter note spaces being shown for the tuplet. See attached to get an idea what I mean.

This is driving me a bit nuts.

In any case, does anyone have definitive way on a MAC to enter tuplets in the way I am looking to do?

thanks, Brian
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Re: Entering nested tuplets - nightmares in Finale 25...

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Re: Entering nested tuplets - nightmares in Finale 25...

Postby David Ward » Sat Jan 26, 2019 2:37 pm

Is this the sort of thing you are trying to do, done just now very easily on a Mac with Finale 25 while using Speedy Entry? I entered the first note normally, then keyed option 3 and entered the second, then option 3 again and entered the third note as a quaver (8th) and continued to the end of the bar with the relevant note values. I then went to the tuplet tool and control clicked (right clicked) on the first quaver and then, using the contextual menu, flipped the tuplet.

It can be slightly more complicated if the tuplets are of uneven value such as crotchet (quarter) followed by quaver instead of three quavers, but the principle remains the same. I'm sure there's a way in Simple Entry too.
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Re: Entering nested tuplets - nightmares in Finale 25...

Postby motet » Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:23 pm

Speedy Entry is the easiest way. I don't know if there's a way to do nested tuplets with Simple Entry.

The tuplet tool from the main palette will work if you can enter all the notes first, untupletized, which means overfilling the measure (I've included the 5-tupet from your example, but we're talking about the triplet-within-a-triplet, so assume the 5-tuplet is already entered). In the Simple Entry options you need to uncheck "Check for extra notes," and even then it will resist you doing it. Enter the two quarters and then use the mouse to enter the three eighths in between. In the picture below, everything is in the first measure, despite where it's showing the barline.

If you're able to do that, then the tuplet tool can create the nested tuplets by clicking on the first note of each tuplet. Do the inner one first.
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Re: Entering nested tuplets - nightmares in Finale 25...

Postby FwL » Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:26 pm

I've always used speedy to enter nested tuplets even though I'm a die-hard simple entry user.

The quickest way I could find to enter the nested tuplet on the final beat with simple entry is to build the tuplet on the first beat of an empty measure with the tuplet tool, then cut and paste it on to the final beat of the correct measure.

To build the tuplet in an empty measure lay out one quarter, three eighths and one quarter. Use the tuplet tool to turn the eighths into a triplet then again to turn the quarters into a triplet.
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