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Batch export channels as separate audio files?

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Batch export channels as separate audio files?

Postby heinzfan » Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:25 pm

I want to edit a work in my audio software (Adobe Audtion 3, an old version), and I suppose using rewire would be the way most people would do it. However Audition doesn't find Finale as a rewire application. As a workaround I've experimented with exporting separate audio files of each Finale channel (I set the score manager to solo and export, one-by-one). As long as I include any tempo variations in all channels they all run exactly the same length and sync up in Audition.
Assuming I'm not missing something as far as rewire, is there any way to batch process exporting the channels as separate audio files?
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Re: Batch export channels as separate audio files?

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