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Hihat plugin

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Hihat plugin

Postby geleybou » Wed May 15, 2019 7:08 pm


I written a drumset part using the regular finale inputs for playback. The notehead is the same for an open hi-hat and a closed hi-hat sound. Before I go through the part and manually add in the open and closed articulations for the hi-hat, I am wondering if there is a plugin that will do this work for me? It seems rather tedious to put that infomation in there manually when it already exists somewhere in the program.

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Re: Hihat plugin

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Re: Hihat plugin

Postby Peter Thomsen » Wed May 15, 2019 8:48 pm

geleybou wrote:… It seems rather tedious to put that information in there manually when it already exists somewhere in the program …

If I understand you correctly, your words “it already exists somewhere in the program” mean that the playback is correct, with “open hi-hat and a closed hi-hat sound” - right?

I do not know whether there is a plug-in that can attach articulations to all occurrences of a specific MIDI note, sorry.

Perhaps another forum member will chime in here (?)

However, there is another option:
Instead of adding the {open hi-hat/closed hi-hat} info as articulations you could use two different noteheads, one notehead for open hi-hat, and another notehead for closed hi-hat.
This is just a matter of editing the Percussion Layout.
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