FinaleScripts, Sundry Useful Ones

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FinaleScripts, Sundry Useful Ones

Post by rchrisberry » Tue Jun 02, 2020 4:05 pm

Dear Finale Users,

Hers are a few FinaleScripts I have found useful. FinaleScript is certainly easier than Visual Basic for the Word macros. The document is on Google Drive per the link below. It shows the following shortcuts as of 6.2.20:

Clear All Except Notes
Clear Lyrics
Explode Music Added Staves
Implode Music Top Staff
Move layer 1 into layer 2
Move layer 2 into layer 1
Shift Lyrics left
Shift Lyrics right
Add 8va
Add 8vb

The link is: ... sp=sharing

Please let me know if these are duplicated elsewhere or I have missed them in the TG Tools.

Dr. Chris Berry

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