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cautinary accidentals - parenthesis globally

Posted: Sat Jun 27, 2020 6:09 pm
by Jocko_23
IA friend gave me a Big Band score to check. There are lots of cautionary accidentals (which is good, since it is for beginners). Unfortunately, some of the cautionary accidentals are w th parenthesis, some are not.

I there a function like: "Check all accidentals and decide if they are cautionary or regular. Then set all cautionary accidentals in parenthesis". This would be more comfortable to read for beginners, IMHO.

Could not find anything like that in Jari's "Change..." or Finale's "Cautionary accidentals" Plug-In. Or maybe I am to stupid to set the options the correct way.

Searched the forum, could find no answer (or were reading the wrong threads...). BTW, smaller cautionary accidentals with one or two clicks, as suggested by a member, would be mighty fine. Any news on that?

Going through the score and do it manually is not an option...