Scrolling forward and backwards in Scroll View is lousy

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Scrolling forward and backwards in Scroll View is lousy

Post by motet » Tue Jun 30, 2020 6:29 pm

Scrolling forward or backward by a screen full (Ctrtl-PageDown or Ctrl-PageUp on Windows) often doesn't work right. If the rightmost measure on the screen doesn't fit all the way in the window, sometimes scrolling forward will bring that measure to be the leftmost, as I think it should, but other times it will skip that measure and move on to the next one.

Scrolling back is even more problematic. Sometimes it doesn't scroll far enough, so the previously left-most measure is still on the screen (and sometimes the one after that, and sometimes the one after that). Other times, it goes too far, so you skipped over a measure or measures that don't appear either before or after.

A side effect of this is that if you scroll forward a screen and then back a screen, you often don't wind up in the same place. Sometimes I scroll forward scanning for mistakes, spot something as I'm going forward, and want to back up and fix it, but wind up disoriented by this.

It seems to happen when there are varying measure widths. Whoever programmed this used some rudimentary way of computing how much to scroll instead of look at what's currently being displayed, then probably just tested it on an empty file.

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