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Chord Suffix Shortcuts

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 10:05 am
by Domi

since almost 20 years I'm used to input the Chord suffix by using (the Finale) shortcuts
for ex.: typing "OPTION+SHIFT+h" results in "mi9(b5)" (Screenshot attached, full list with "Jazz Chord Character Set-Suffix Characters" in the online manual)

only problem these shortcuts (= keystroke + Character) only seems to work in Jazz Chord Font,
and I am looking to change to a more classical style Chords Font ...

as these shortcuts are real time savers to me I wanna use the same ones with another Chords Font.
Is this possible?

input all suffixes by "typing colon+0" is a waist of time, the described way above is a lot faster and easier.

in fact it needs to be kind of "type colon+0, then Chord Suffix Selection opens, and in there I would like to have or make the same shortcuts as in the Jazz Chord Font Character set", and once done I would like to use it as I am now doing with the Jazz Chord Font (which I don't prefer anymore....)

Or am I stuck doing it this way will always result in Jazz Chord style?
I really hope not

any suggestions or solutions on this?

Thanks in advance

Mac OS Catalina