Mouse Behavior Changed Recently

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Mouse Behavior Changed Recently

Post by Fulcanelli » Sat Aug 22, 2020 2:53 pm

I noticed recently a drastic change in performance with my mouse in Finale. (I have an old version, 2014.) My mouse wheel usually scrolls the page up and down but if I do it rapidly, it switches to zooming and magnifies the page a great deal.

Anybody else?

I've noticed other related general problems on Windows and think I found the culprit - Microsoft! They change things from behind the green curtain - one is now they automatically update all drivers. Also Microsoft is promoting their own products in a way that overrides what I already use. For instance, they had a large update recently and are really pushing their Edge browser (which I do not want.) I use Firefox to view PDF files and now when I go to set a default program for that, Firefox is not listed as an option, only Edge and the Microsoft Store. But more disturbing is I have my computer set to open a specific photo editing program when I click on an image and they reset it to a Microsoft picture viewer.

I'm wondering if the automatic driver update could be in conflict with Finale regarding the functions of the mouse wheel.

BTW - If anybody wants to disable auto driver update, this article explains how to do that: ... windows-10

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