FinaleScript Batch Processing Dialog Box

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FinaleScript Batch Processing Dialog Box

Post by allan » Thu Sep 17, 2020 4:55 pm

I need help with a FinaleScript question. I am running
Finale 26.3 on a MacBook Pro under MacOS Catalina (10.15.4).
I have about 600 musx files that I wish to convert to mxl
(compressed MusicXML) format. I am using the following
FinaleScript batch processing program:

batch process source folder "/Users/allan/test-in"
menu item "File/Export/MusicXML"

This almost works. The File/Export/MusicXML menu item, when
invoked manually, triggers a dialog box. The "return" in the
script is meant to dismiss the dialog box by simulating a
click on its "Save" button. Unfortunately, this does not
happen -- the script pauses, waiting for me to do the
dismissal. When I do so, the script then completes the
conversion for that file, opens the next file, and triggers
the dialog box again, and so on. So I can achieve what I
want by clicking "Save" 600 times, but this is obviously
suboptimal. Does anyone understand what I'm doing wrong? I
have tried many variations on the "return" line of the
script, all to no avail.

As a side note, the "close" command is necessary because if
each file is not closed after its conversion, Finale
eventually appears to reach an OS limit of open files and
cannot continue. The "save" command is necessary because
even though I don't change the musx file, Finale
nevertheless asks if I would like to save my changes; "save"
seems to preempt that question, saving me an additional 600

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