Music, the schools and the virus

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Music, the schools and the virus

Post by ebiggs1 » Fri Jan 29, 2021 3:05 pm

We are entering solos and ensembles season. Large ensemble competition is coming up quickly. How to handle it and get through it is the question?

Our district uses Smart Music from Finale. It has hundreds of score already included but not all the KSHSAA approved contest pieces.
I have entered a couple. I use Smart Score but even on brand new published scores it misses a lot. I edit in Finale because SS's editor is so funky. Before we u/l it to Smart Music for the kids to get their part, I run Perfect Layout on it. I found one thing hat helps PL a lot. You need to reduce the page percentage. I have been using 80% and even lower. The result is beautiful.

Tips on how you are doing it in your school is welcome! :D

If you have not seen or used SMart Music here is a link to the blog.
IMO, I think MM has spent a lot of its resources on SM. It certainly is better than it used to be. I hope now that SM is up and running and pretty full featured, they get back on Finale. Also, IMHO, Finale should include Perfect Layout.
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