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Paper colour

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2021 11:32 am
by Hector Pascal
Hi all,
Do you recommend printing out music on the yellowish/buff/off-white paper these days? In my library of classic piano music from Schirmer / Henle Verlag, etc. there is a lot of yellow tinted paper and it is quite nice to read from. What colour paper do the major orchestras prefer to use these days?

I just looked online for a ream of A3 100-120gsm buff, but could find none.... is there no demand for it nowadays?


Re: Paper colour

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2021 11:44 am
by BuonTempi
'Text' paper tends to be yellowish off-white, with a dull finish, and has done since forever. It's a lot easier to read, text or music, than on some shiny high-gloss ultra white stock (which some printers seem to think looks good).

Whether you can get hold of any, is another matter. Anything beyond office laser paper is increasingly difficult to source, unless you're ordering enough for your own 'make' from the paper mill.

Re: Paper colour

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2021 1:39 pm
by Jetcopy
This was a while ago, but I was able to order specific paper for my needs. I went to a local printer, not Office Depot, or Staples, a real small business printer. He didn't have what I needed, but he gave me the name of his supplier. I contacted them and they were more than happy to help. I went to their warehouse and they showed me my choices.

I ended ordering heavyweight paper (80 lb?) in ivory cut to 9.5" x 12.5". I ordered a few reams of it and it lasted me two years. When I was out I just called and ordered another batch. It worked perfectly in my HP5000.

Re: Paper colour

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2021 5:37 pm
by bkshepard
Especially with musicians performing on stage who are often under extremely bright stage lighting, a pure, bright white paper can be rough on the eyes. Consequently, I always use the more "ivory" colored paper. I buy the Accent Opaque Warm White 70# Text paper from in the U.S. I order it in 11x17 for scores and 12x18 (cut in half to 9x12) for parts. It works extremely well in the printer and holds up very nicely on the music stand.

Re: Paper colour

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2021 8:30 am
by Hector Pascal
Many thanks, all. I don't seem to have warm white / buff available in my area, but I have found some matte, greyish-white paper in my local area and will see how that goes in my laser printer.
Cheers, HP.