Loud-note irregularity

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Loud-note irregularity

Post by montedoro44 » Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:38 am

In the attached doc, when I use ctrl-spacebar or drag to play single notes or slide around to play a section, there is a VERY LOUD note that plays above the expected response. I nailed it to the presence of the hidden & muted staff 5 & 6 piano copy of the 1st 4 staves. When I delete 5 & 6, playback is normal. Export to xml to a new doc, retaining 5 & 6 also cured it, but is there something I can do to eliminate the playback problem in the original? Is it just one of those invisible gremlins? I have processed many downloaded songs like this one, generally xml downloads -- this problem just occurred twice today, never before.
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