Fermata Playback

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Fermata Playback

Post by Gamestar721 » Fri Oct 29, 2021 1:28 am

Another short and sweet question. How do you change the duration of a fermata?

I'm arranging a piece for a Woodwind quintet that has a fermata over a rest for everyone. This is obviously meant as a short hold, but the playback holds it for what seems like forever. This is annoying when I playback an entire piece to see how it sounds.

So, how do I change it? My thanks in advance.

Re: Fermata Playback

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Re: Fermata Playback

Post by danielschellmus » Fri Nov 26, 2021 12:12 pm

Good quastion.
Finale 27.1 Windows
I record in studio mixing Finale AUdio tracks and musicians working on the click track
I had at first big problems because I did not swith off the HP Human PLayback option
Now I did.
But the question of the Fermata is still there
I created a separate click track, which the musicians hear in their headphones.
However when the fermata comes, the click stops for a while then starts again
It is very difficult for the musicians to guess when it will start again, in order to be synced with the Finale tracks.
I tried to change the last fourth, te one with the fermata, into two eights: the first with the fermata the second without, but that produced also bizarre hard to guess results.
Has anyone tried to solve that issue?
Thanks for the help
Daniel S

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