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Hairpin cresc. playback inconsistent

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Hairpin cresc. playback inconsistent

Postby Al Fine » Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:12 pm

Hello all. Yes, I'm back, with yet another question about Human Playback inconsistency, this time, regarding the hairpin cresc./decresc. markings. Despite having the HP "Hairpin and dynamics" box checked in HP, and "Hairpin emphasis" and "Auto expression emphasis" in Preferences at 75% (I also tried it at 100%), I'm not getting the results I'd expect.

Here's what I'm hearing in the sample attached document:
1. Bar 3-4, which lacks a dynamic marking in the middle of the "< >", has a peak which is VERY loud, perhaps a "ff". When I change it to "<mf>", it stops working, as in bars 13-14.
2. Bar 6 seems to work, as does bars 7-8.
3. The hairpins of bars 10 and 12, which both lack a peak marking, seem to rise and fall as one would expect. This is strange, because bars 3-4, also lacking a peak marking, has the overly loud peak which I mentioned in my first point.

Thanks in advance for any help provided!

Hairpin playback example.musx
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Re: Hairpin cresc. playback inconsistent

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