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Improbable GIFF balance

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Improbable GIFF balance

Postby David Ward » Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:37 pm

Does anyone know why the relative volume of GIFF instruments is in some cases so wildly improbable without major adjustment?

Such adjustment is indeed easy in the Score Manager, but in some cases one wonders why it starts from quite such an unlikely position. The most extreme case that I have discovered is the GIFF mandolin, which I have to reduce to 10 or at most 14 where a majority of other instruments are set between 80 to 110. The contrabass clarinet also seems absurdly loud, if not quite so extreme as the mandolin which can have one rolling about the floor with laughter if it catches one unawares.

I suppose what I was wondering was do we think any attempt was made to have at least a possible relative volume (which can after all vary quite considerably in live performance) or was that simply ignored when putting together the various GIFF samples?
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Re: Improbable GIFF balance

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