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soften playback of guitar strumming and hammered dulcimer

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soften playback of guitar strumming and hammered dulcimer

Postby meb » Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:18 pm

Does anyone have solutions to getting more realistic playback on guitar, harp, mandolin, and hammered dulcimer?

Is there any way to make guitar strumming sound more varied instead of mechanical, so that upward strums are different from downward, and so that the playback doesn't sound like the same tape loop being played over and over?

Also, my hammered dulcimer sounds (Bolder Sounds library) overpower everything else, even after resetting dynamics, Score manager settings for volume and panning, and the usual delicate reverberating sounds of the instrument are not evident. (Same problem if I use Smart Music Soft Synth's generic dulcimer).
Dulcimers in real life are not usually damped, but Finale playback cuts off all decay at the mathematical end of the note value.

Appreciate any suggestions.
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Re: soften playback of guitar strumming and hammered dulcimer

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