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Can I define playback dynamics expressions using just CC1?

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Can I define playback dynamics expressions using just CC1?

Postby Divergent_Integral » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:11 am

My question is a simple one. I have a cello sample library (playing through Kontakt 5) where the dynamics is entirely modulated via CC1/modwheel. Key velocity does absolutely nothing dynamics-wise; instead, different velocity ranges simply trigger different kinds of legato. Is it possible to redefine (for that particular instrument only) the playback-ready dynamics markings pppp to ffff etc. using CC1 values instead of key velocities? How about crescendos and diminuendos?

Somewhat related: how exactly does Finale interpret hairpins that occur in isolation, i.e., without a source or target dynamic level specified? Does it simply go from some base dynamic level to the next pre-defined level (up or down)? If so, does it keep the instrument concerned at that level until the next dynamic marking, or does it revert back to the base level after a rest (or some other kind of pause)?

Many thanks!
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Re: Can I define playback dynamics expressions using just CC1?

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Re: Can I define playback dynamics expressions using just CC

Postby Bill Reed » Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:54 pm

If you create Human Playback preferences for your library, you can choose how Finale will control dynamics.
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