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XML from Logic into Finale / MIDI not transposing right

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XML from Logic into Finale / MIDI not transposing right

Postby parsec_1 » Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:20 am

Hi there
I've been having this most annoying problem when importing MusicXML files (from Logic Pro X) into Finale (25): some instruments (e.g. Saxophone) are delivered with the transposed notation as concert pitch (causing the music to have instruments in different tonalities), so I create the same instrument new, copy and paste the notes and transpose them to the right key, BUT then they all sound with double flats or so, but these weird accidentals aren't being shown. It appears correctly, but the playback is a mess. They can only be revealed or corrected if I click on the note... so I have to change note by note to have a correct sounding playback. Accidentals not displaying after import are a huge issue between LPX and Finale.

How can I prevent/fix this globally, without having to go note by note?
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Re: XML from Logic into Finale / MIDI not transposing right

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