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How to get the most out of JABB

Discuss playback problems, including VST, Garritan, MIDI, etc.

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How to get the most out of JABB

Postby Deacon Don » Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:51 pm

I just listened to this track.

My trumpets (and all of the other instruments) sound more like MIDI, only a little better. Not even close to
the sample on the url.

What techniques are necessary to create a trumpet sound that's on the URL? F'rinstance, are the sounds
modified using ARIA? If so what is modified? Are the articulations modified? I'm sure there are other elements

I was hoping that JABB would be plug and play but apparently it's not.
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Re: How to get the most out of JABB

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Re: How to get the most out of JABB

Postby ttw » Thu Mar 21, 2019 5:48 pm

To get better results I use two processes. First (and probably least) is the Human Playback settings. I use a Custom setting based either on Romantic or Latin or Baroque or the like depending on what I want it to sound like. Then in the "Custom Style" stuff, regardless of other settings I do the following: on the top, everything is checked except "Final Bars." Then below, everything is unchecked except for: "Auto Piano Pedaling" and "String Harmonics" and "Strum Plucked String Chords" and sometimes "Play 32nd Note Rolls Exactly. I also set the music to type I'm writing (bolero=96, rumba=108-120, foxtrot=120-144, waltz=144-180, etc.)

I choose instruments that I want using the Score Manager. Generally I use a separate Aria instance for each group of instruments (tedious but not too hard) as some instruments may need different ambience settings.

In the Aria Player under "MIDI/Audio" and "VST Banks and Effects" I do the following.

First, make sure the correct instrument is chosen. Sometimes the Score Manager chooses a different instrument (like JABB congas rather than GWI or Clarinet Player rather than Clarinet Solo). One has to navigate through several menus to get the Notation (and KS) version of instruments. Some experimentation is probably necessary to find the right combination. Reading the GPO4 manual (pdf downloadable) helps; then read the online GPO5 to figure out differences.) GPO5 has great Steinway stuff.

Next, I bypass all the individual banks and master effects on the first pulldown screen (The do apply on top of each other and on top of the Aria anbiences so there's lots of possibilities but I don't know how to use all of them).

Then (clicking on the pencil by the Aria player) you get five screens.

The first screen (INFO) has the names of the instruments in this instance of the Aria player.

The second screen (CONTROLS) has different types of settings, I just set "Stereo Stage" and "Equalizer" to On.

The third screen (MIXER) allows mixing and moving instrumental sounds left-to-right (Panning), I leave it alone.

The fourth screen (EFFECTS) has two Ambience programs: I only use the CONVOLUTION rather than the AMBIENCE ambience. The AMBIENCE controls change reverb, wet to dry (echo to direct sound) etc. The CONVOLUTION ambience plays back as if the instruments were playing in the named setting. One can experiment and figure out what sounds good. Different Aria instruments can have different reverb.

The fifth screen (SETTINGS) allows one to adjust how much cache is allocated (depends on your RAM) and check for updates. Different tuning choices are available. I usually use default though I will allow more RAM if on a computer with lots of memory.

The sixth screen rides a pale horse (not really).

One has to do this for each set of instruments. The only thing is that with large ensembles, it's a bit tedious.
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Re: How to get the most out of JABB

Postby FwL » Sat Mar 23, 2019 4:35 am

That level of realism is only possible by creating the arrangement phrase by phrase in a DAW utilizing plenty of controller data, patch switching and layering along with various other tricks.
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