GPO5 Suspended Cymbal Roll starts loudly no matter what

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GPO5 Suspended Cymbal Roll starts loudly no matter what

Post by michaelrmurrin » Sat May 04, 2019 6:14 am

I am in Finale 25, on Windows 10. I am using Garritan Personal Orchestra 5. I have a document with 17 staves of brass instruments, 3 staves of percussion, 1 staff of timpani, 1 staff of glockenspiel, and 1 staff of violin.

On one of my percussion staves (using Garritan Personal Orchestra), I have a whole note which is on a "Suspended Cymbal Roll". It is on a whole note with no articulation. No matter which dynamic I choose, the suspended cymbal roll always starts at the same dynamic, which is around a loud forte or fortissimo. It doesn't matter whether I assign pp, pppp, ffff, or whatever. It always starts at the exact same "roughly forte" dynamic. The suspended cymbal roll also does not change dynamic even if I add a crescendo. Does anyone know why this would be happening?

I do have "human playback" enabled. Under "human playback", "standard" is chosen.

This document does have several staves which are using SmartMusic SoftSynth instead of Garritan Personal Orchestra 5. I am letting you know in case that influences the problem. But the percussion staff I am mentioning, was created with GPO5 as the "priority" sound map, and it does have the full variety of GPO5 percussion instruments. It is playing the correct "Suspended Cymbal Roll" sound, it just always starts at forte regardless of what dynamic I choose.
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Re: GPO5 Suspended Cymbal Roll starts loudly no matter what

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