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Hyperscribe - Midi problem

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Hyperscribe - Midi problem

Postby Yolande » Tue Jun 25, 2019 6:54 am

Finale 26.1
Windows 10
Kawai Electronic piano

When I want to do a live recording with Hyperscribe, the notation starts a semi-quarter reset later.
so 4 quarters (precisely played in) end up begin a semi-quarter rest, 3 quarters, and a semi-quarter tied to a semi-quarter in the next bar.

After contacting the local finale supplier, they suggested downloading the newest drivers for my piano.
So I downloadeded the newest drivers from the Kawai support website yesterday evening, but it made no difference...

I bought Finale 26 to be able to use hyperscribe....

Who can help me with this issue?

Kind regards
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Re: Hyperscribe - Midi problem

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