Swing 16ths doesn't work after using composite (2+2+2+2/8)

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Swing 16ths doesn't work after using composite (2+2+2+2/8)

Post by michelp » Sat Jun 20, 2020 11:31 am

The method is well known (8/8, Swing in Playback Controls, Composite 2+2+2+2, Display as 4/4).

Several users report that the playback effect of Swing 16ths stops working after applying (for correct beaming) Composite 2+2+2+2/8.
I made the test, and I confirm the problem, apparently present in several versions (26.3, 25.5, 2014.5, Mac).
I have submitted it to MM Support.
Is it the case in the Windows versions ?

P.S. : if one doesn't use the "Composite" step, it works, and beaming can be done with "Rebeam to Times Signature" (4/4), which leaves the swing feel intact.
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Re: Swing 16ths doesn't work after using composite (2+2+2+2/8)

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