Finale Mixer Issues

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Finale Mixer Issues

Post by RVS Lee » Wed Nov 04, 2020 2:43 pm

Dear All -
In the attached except, there appears to be some errant midi data which resets mixer settings as soon as I hit play. Can somebody with a similar setup confirm the behavior, and maybe even isolate the problem?

Background -
fin 25.3 running on a win 10 machine (playing back through flexasio, though that should be irrelevant.)
Banks are divided between GPO5/GIfF and NP3.
NB - Because the NP player and Aria player respond to the Finale mixer in different ways, volume and panning are *not* sending from the finale mixer.

Issue - as noted above, this file takes mixer settings from the aria and np player instances. When I set mixer levels in one of the aria banks, those settings are saved. (Close and reopen, and the 'correct' volume settings appear.)
However... hit play, and as soon as HP has finished pre-processing, volume changes to other settings. ( You can see the sliders moving if a player window is open in front of the score.) Obviously this makes it impossible to create a mix.

Notes - This affects only the aria banks.
This is not about info from finale mixer/score manager overriding the aria mixer settings. The volume does not revert to the default midi 64 value (or even a consistent value across all channels.) If I change the volume in score manager, and try play again, the score manager value is not the one that propagates.

Things I've tried -
Clearing all midi data (Edit menu); clearing HP data (Midi menu.) Clearing all expressions.

All ideas much appreciated!

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Re: Finale Mixer Issues

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