Play 2nd Time only and VST Banks Question

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Play 2nd Time only and VST Banks Question

Post by HeartofTexas » Sat Apr 03, 2021 5:24 pm

I am working on a march and so all of Bank 1 of the VST is used with the lower brass spilling into Bank 2.
Now add trying to tacit the brass section for an entire section, using rests will not work unless I write out everything with no use of repeats.

Using the method discussed in this forum earlier :

to "untacit" or wake the voice you reassign the channel it originally used. My Tuba voice uses Bank 2 channel 3, but I can only select Bank 1 channel 3 which is the clarinet 1. Does sound amusing, but can anyone suggest how to get to bank 2 voices for this reassignment? Thanks and yes I am hoping to not have to reassign voices out of bank 1.
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