The mf-function in my Finale has collapsed!

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The mf-function in my Finale has collapsed!

Post by delectamenta » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:31 am

Recently I have had some issues with the mp-mf-function in Finale 2011. When I have clicked under a note and the box has appeared it has sometimes been empty or just had one or to options (like fff for instance). But every time I have restarted Finale the things have returned to normal. But not this time. Now I cannot open the box at all. Instead the computer freezes and I have to reopen the program. The function has collapsed completely. What may be the reason for this and how can I fix it? Is it possible that some sectors on my hardrive have been damaged?

Re: The mf-function in my Finale has collapsed!

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Re: The mf-function in my Finale has collapsed!

Post by miker » Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:18 pm

Have you tried trashing the preference files?
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Re: The mf-function in my Finale has collapsed!

Post by Djard » Mon May 20, 2019 10:54 pm

You can rule out a corrupted library file by following these steps:

1. Open a new document -> click once on the header of the problematic document.
2. Click on "Windows" (upper text menu) -> select "Tile Windows Horizontally," so that
both the problematic document and new one are visible.
3. Copy and paste the section from the problematic document into the new one.
4. Select Expression tool in the toolbar -> double-click on a note -> apply a dynamic marking.

If you are now able to insert a functional dynamic, most likely the library file in your original document is corrupted, which is easy to do (Finale does not like customization).

In such is the case, you may copy and paste all the notation from the corrupted file to the new one.

Hope this helps

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