Bamboo Ink Plus won't right click

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Bamboo Ink Plus won't right click

Post by tsvorla » Tue Nov 08, 2022 9:07 pm


I've been using my 2 in 1 for classes, sheet music at the piano, etc. and have used my Bamboo Ink Plus stylus with the laptop just fine. It works in Finale (26) as well for everything except a right click. I've tried enabling and disabling the "press and hold" in control panel, no dice. I've tried re-assigning the buttons, still no right click no matter what button's assigned. The right click feature works in every other program, just not with Finale.

Animation wise, the white circle will appear where/ when I'm trying to right click. Half the time it will do nothing, the other half Finale will treat it like a left click. When I have "press and hold" enabled in the Pen options (control panel), Windows will do a clockwise load with the circle. That is absent in Finale, the circle is always solid without animation. This white circle for a right click appears with "press and hold" and when I press the side key for right click. But even when the circle appears in Finale, signaling a right click, no right click is performed. No right click menu, and it either leaves the item highlighted or opens the left click dialogue box.

My bluetooth mouse works just fine, I can open the right click menu with it no problem, as with the trackpad. But with my Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus I can't open the right click menu... which I kind of need in order to compose and arrange. The stylus connects via bluetooth just like the mouse. There are only two compatibility settings with the stylus, one for Wacom tablets and one for Windows computers, so the stylus is already in the Windows compatibility mode.

Is there a touch setting that I'm missing to get Finale to cooperate? Wouldn't be the first time something obvious slips by me XD

I'm trying to get the stylus working for a more natural workflow. I've hand notated sheet music for so long it's far quicker to doodle on the laptop with the stylus that grab the mouse. And if I can get it working so I can type directly into Finale instead of doodling sheet music and then clicking? That would make balancing a flat surface for the mouse obsolete while I'm at the piano, curled in a chair somewhere or even in the car at the park.

(And if touch isn't that integrated yet with Finale, is there a way to assign a right click short cut to a keyboard key? Like I hold caps lock and tap with the stylus or something to open that sweet, sweet right click menu to add more measures/ transpose/ etc.)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Re: Bamboo Ink Plus won't right click

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