Echo Layla 3g Console Utility

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Echo Layla 3g Console Utility

Post by defiglj » Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:11 pm


I'm using a Mac G5 to run an older version of Finale 05 at school and have an Echo Audio 3g audio interface installed on it. My issue is that I picked up the Layla 3g at an estate sale but didn't have a driver's disc with it (CD). I've installed the drivers from the Echo archived driver's site but there's a file called the Echo3G that's only provided on the physical CD that allows proper operation of the Layla 3g's console utility.

The install directions in the manual state that you must drag this file to the Mac's application folder as part of the install process. With no CD I can't do this and as a result can't use the 3g's console to set input/output levels etc. I've contacted the people at the Echo site and they referred me to the archived driver page as they don't actively support theses products anymore. Does anyone out there have this file (Echo3G that maybe they could send to me? I think the same file is used for the Gina 3g also.

I also use Finale 26 at home on my newer mac and have been a Finale user and paying customer of many versions since 3.5 which I got to complete my master's thesis (wow). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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