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This is not a direct Finale related question, but I am taking my guess that someone of you would know the answer.
In these "Corona times" we are all forced to teach our music students over an e-learning platform of some kind.

Does anyone know of a platform that can listen to and transmit more than one channel?
In my situation I want the possibility of talking, playing the keyboard and also play music files/play from Finale.
As far as I know, Teams can only transmit on one channel. Messenger is able to transmit two, but setting up more than two in windows, only generate noise in Messenger.
Or maybe there is some smart software that can route/merge my in-channels to channel one?
I know I can rig a physical mixer, and put the line out to channel one on my sound card, but if there were any easier solution to this, that means I can avoid the mess with all the cables around my feet, I would be happy.

Instead of trying every platform that exist, it would save me a lot of time, if someone of you actually knew the answer.

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