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Error code: 7

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2023 10:47 pm
by Tallis
Hi all,

Previously, I was in the habit of switching back and forth from bluetooth headphones to a wired set of speakers. When the headphones were turned off, sound switched back to the speakers -- no problem.

I recently got a bluetooth speaker, and now whenever I walk away from Finale for a while (leaving the document open) I come back to find a popup with this message:

Finale’s audio engine failed to load.
Please restart Finale.
Error Code: 7

If I'm gone for a while, multiple popups appear and I have to click through them all to remove them. Sometimes I have to restart the program to get sound working again.

I am not particularly savvy about this kind of setup, and would be grateful for any suggestions. Ideally, I'd like Finale to prioritize the headphones when they're switched on, and otherwise default to the bluetooth speaker.

Thanks in advance...