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Odd/Even Printing come back!

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Odd/Even Printing come back!

Postby bobwen » Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:21 pm

Now I go to print a score in Finale 2012 and notice that "odd/even" and "normal/reverse" page order is gone! You assume everyone does accordion fold printing, and they do not! "Odd/even" page selection is invaluable when printing scores to be bound by coil or other edge binding. Now I must convert the score to PDF and print that way. Please, bring back the old print dialog box. In so many ways, it worked simply, efficiently, and beautifully. Please bring it back asap as I have many dozens of score and parts that will need to be printed and up-converted as part of the process of migrating from Finale 2007 to 2012. Why change things you had long ago gotten on so right?
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Re: Odd/Even Printing come back!

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