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Post by eggad » Thu Aug 28, 2003 11:47 pm

I may be a strange animal, but I write Christian songs, usually starting with lyric concepts - then the melody - then the harmony. I have little to no technical music knowledge. I wish there were some way to generate 9or at leasst suggest) guitar chords from what I have written. Most folks I talk with start the other-way-round - beginning with chords. The program "MusicWrite" generates chord suggestions, but they are rather poor. Surely Finale with all their sophisticted programming capabilities could come up with software to generate guitar chrds from four part harmonies.


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Post by Peter Thomsen » Fri Aug 29, 2003 5:45 am

I may misunderstand you, but it seems to me that Finale already has what you are asking for:

Chord Tool.
Chord menu - One-Staff Analysis
Chord menu - Two-Staff Analysis

When one of these two analysis modes is selected, a click on a note will make Finale analyze your four-part chord and place the corresponding chord symbol in the score.



Chords arn't that easy...

Post by Godot » Sun Aug 31, 2003 1:02 pm

If I understand you right, you have a melody and need chords for it.
Althought there are many chord generators around, I have never heard a single one which generates chords for melodies a little bit more complicated than children's songs that really satisfy me.

Finale also provides a chord generator: Band-In-A-Box Auto harmonizer. But I really never found it useful. Ask someone who plays guitar or piano to do it for you or learn it yourself, fortunately for us composers, computers are not able to do this today...


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