Traditional marching drum sounds

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Traditional marching drum sounds

Post by MTG-PercussionMusic » Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:31 am


I'm Mark, a 21 year old (marching) percussionist from the Netherlands.
I've been using Finale for about 2 years now and I''m not sattisfied with the percussion sounds featured in playback.
Writing for European style drumlines (bass, snare, cymbals) is what I love the most.
The sounds available in Finale are great for concert percussion or high tension drumlines, but not for a traditional style drumline.

The new instruments I would like to be featured in a new pack called 'European Style Drumline':
- Marching bass (single line)
- Mid/low tension Snare Drum (featuring a 'snares on/snares off' function)
- Marching bongo's
- Mid/low tension Trio Toms (featuring sticks/medium/soft mallets function)
- Mid/low tension Quad Toms (featuring sticks/medium/soft mallets function)
- Mid/low tension Quint Toms (featuring sticks/medium/soft mallets function)

This small pack could be filled in with percussion instruments like:
- Shaker
- Claves
- Cowbell
- A Go Go Bells
- Beatring
- Guiro
- Timbales
- Thunder Timbales (featuring sticks/medium/soft mallets function)
- Mini Timbales

Please let me know if you would like this too.
It would improve the playback a lot for people who prefer a European Style Drumline.

Mark te Grotenhuis

Re: Traditional marching drum sounds

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Re: Traditional marching drum sounds

Post by Peter Thomsen » Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:22 pm

Nice wishes, Mark!

You should be aware that this forum is a user forum, where users can discuss wishes for future Finale versions.

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