Instant Orchestra volume, please help!

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Instant Orchestra volume, please help!

Post by Marc10512 » Tue May 19, 2020 6:53 am

I am using Finale 2014.5 with GPO5 and Instant Orchestra on Windows 8.1. No matter what I do, it is a chore to get any volume out of an Instant Orchestra patch in Finale. I have read the threads about the Expression Switch which, if switched on, responds to Finale dynamics. However, I still must set the volume to ffff to hear it at half the level of a GPO5 patch. I have tried turning the expression switch off and using MIDI data to set CC#7 (volume) to 127 and CC#1 (mod wheel) to 127. Volume at 127 is barely audible and volume at 40 or below is not audible at all.

One thing I noticed is that when I open a session of Aria player *outside* of Finale, IO sounds brilliant when I click a key on the virtual Aria piano with my mouse. However, when I do the same with an Aria session inside of finale, IO sound is very distant. GPO patches sound loud and clear when I use an external Aria session or an internal Aria session; It is only IO that is the issue in Finale. I would gladly upgrade to v. 26 if it would fix the problem, but I am afraid it won't. I would be very grateful for help. I am using Evolving Orchestra 2 and Full Orchestra blending textures for reference. Thank you

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