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How Can I Get G(A) or C(D) Automatically for Capo'd Chords?

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How Can I Get G(A) or C(D) Automatically for Capo'd Chords?

Postby kenperlman » Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:29 am

I am trying to indicate alternative chords above a staff of banjo tablature. The fiddle key might be say, D, but the tune would be notated in a C-based tuning. The way I would like to show the chord notation, would be having C-based chord outside the parens and the capo'd chord (equivalent to the fiddle key) inside.

I would like to get this notation, namely C(D) or equivalent, automatically when entering chords via midi. I have found how to do this by simply writing in what I want one entry at a time, but I would like to find a way for this to happen globally.

I'm wondering if this might involve wiping all or part of the chord suffix library, playing a given chord on the midi and then selecting the option to let me determine what to call it . . .

In any event, I tried getting an answer to this a couple of weeks ago but didn't get a fruitful response.
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Re: How Can I Get G(A) or C(D) Automatically for Capo'd Chords?

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Re: How Can I Get G(A) or C(D) Automatically for Capo'd Chor

Postby N Grossingink » Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:09 pm

I'm pretty sure Finale is incapable of doing what you want. The chord tool as it's designed "understands" only the chord root and suffix. You have developed a chord notation that, while it makes perfect sense for the purpose you've described, makes no sense at all to Finale.

In your previous post, I suggested specially configuring your notation in order to display as you want. Anotherwords, for "C(D)", make "C" the chord root and "(D)" the suffix. Did you try it? As you know, there is a way to quickly enter chords—with "Type into Score", type C:X, where X is the number of the suffix selection box cell that contains that suffix.

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