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Post by rbsalyer » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:36 pm

I have a problem of audio volume. I can barely hear finale notes on either entry or playback.

I had an iMac that had the same problem and I solved it by going out of the headphone jack into a small amp that I drove desktop speakers and that package got the audio levels to where I could hear...not really loud, but hear...so I never solved the low audio issues in finale...just found a workaround...and on the iMac the system volume was good....I listen to iTunes on the internal speakers and it was loud. However, if I went to youtube, the audio signal was somewhat attenuated, but not nearly as bad as finale...but I figured it was probably a setting, a hidden setting, in OSx...

Now I have a Mac Pro that is used, but a rocket compared to the iMac. and I downloaded v26...hoping the volume issue would be solved. Not the case...at first there was zero audio...did some reading...and thru pure luck, managed to down load Aria and drug that into the finale folder, restarted and now when I open a new document for SATB thru the wizard, I get sounds...but just barely...and I'm not going to be able to use an external amp for this computer...

so I figure no one else is having this problem and it seems to be something in finale...anyone have some initial steps I could take to resolve this....I really want to use the mac pro and I put 150 bucks into the finale upgrade...

any help would be appreciated...


Re: volume

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Re: volume

Post by heinzfan » Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:03 pm

I use Windows, not Mac, but as a suggestion, one thing you might check if you're playing back via VST: when initially adding a new VST player to an unused bank (midi/audio - VST Banks & effects) the volume seems to default to zero. I've opened older files that were set to play back with midi, Smart Synth, or Garritan, and when I changed to Vienna Ensemble couldn't figure out why there was no sound.
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