NotePerformer/Garritan not playing nice together

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NotePerformer/Garritan not playing nice together

Post by RVS Lee » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:26 pm

Wondering if anyone else has tried this and had the same experience:
running v 25 win, I've split banks on a fairly large score between Aria/GIfF and Noteperformer 3.2. Levels between the players are way off (as I expected they would be - no biggee) and everything plays back OK.
BUT... opening score manager after playing back an excerpt crashes finale. Almost every (but not absolutely) every time.
Per noteperformer, I've set HP to standard default. So far I've tried with NP on top in sound priorities, and GifF on top. I've tried the Garritan sounds through the GifF soundmap, and going to Aria directly. Same problem any which way...
Open score, open score manager, tweak (percussion maps, mostly), close score manager, audition file (all good so far...), stop playback try to reopen score manager, and CRASH...
All thoughts most welcome. Thanks in advance...

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